Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Purpose of the Center for Theological Studies

C.T.S is sub level to Engaging Minds Ministry. This has been an idea in the works for a long time and now it is time to manifest it. The reason is that in all reality C.T.S is the root or foundation for the whole ministry. As stated before and as will be shown in latter post that the Theology that you hold is the most important thing that you can believe. Theology for a ministry like Engaging mind is fundamental for without it nothing that the ministry does is meaningful. This Center is going to have a number of things that relate to theology.
First, is discussion on major doctrines of the faith. This will take place at our Center for Systematic Theology. The Now as far as what will show up on this page I will deal with more practical theology, as well as Biblical and historical theology. Now I have anticipated the some one saying isn’t this to much to handle? To that end I would respond, Not at all I would say this is the natural process of being informed about your faith.

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