Friday, November 14, 2008

Athanasian Creed

Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the catholic faith. Which faith except everyone do keep whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly. And the catholic faith is this: That we worship one God in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity, neither confounding the persons, nor dividing the substance.
For there is one Person of the Father, another of the Son, and another of the Holy Spirit. But the godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, is all one, the glory equal, the majesty co-eternal.
Such as the Father is, such is the Son, and such is the Holy Spirit. The Father uncreated, the Son uncreated, and the Holy Spirit uncreated. The Father incomprehensible, the Son incomprehensible, and the Holy Spirit incomprehensible.
The Father eternal, the Son eternal, and the Holy Spirit eternal. And yet they are not three eternals, but one Eternal.
As also there are not three incomprehensibles, nor three uncreated, but one Uncreated, and one Incomprehensible. So likewise the Father is Almighty, the Son Almighty, and the Holy Spirit Almighty. And yet they are not three almighties, but one Almighty.
So the Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. And yet they are not three gods, but one God.
So likewise the Father is Lord, the Son Lord, and the Holy Spirit Lord. And yet not three lords, but one Lord.

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Adam Pastor said...

Greetings Byron

I guess you are fully aware that this was not the creed of our Lord Jesus Christ nor the early church!!
(Plus it was not even written by Athanasius!)

The Lord Jesus identified
the Father as the only true GOD.
[John 17.3];
and the only God.
[John 5.44]
Paul & the early church concurred:
To US there is ONE GOD, the Father.
[1 Cor 8.4,6]

Therefore, Byron, on the subject of the trinity,
I recommend the following video:
The Human Jesus

Please take a couple of hours to watch it & prayerfully it will aid you to reconsider "the Trinity"

Yours In Messiah
Adam Pastor