Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dear CTS Readership,

The distinguished Byron M. Gillory III has left me oversight of the Center for Theological Studies. Byron and I have been friends for about two years now, and he has done a marvelous job of sharing his brilliant mind with the world—all for the glory of God.

I want to take time to share a little about myself: Although I grew up as a conservative Baptist, I attended a church where women’s giftedness was part of the rule, not the exception. God called men and women into His work, and a person’s giftedness was a visible sign of that calling to the church itself. I still believed that the world felt the same as I did—until I entered into my Master of Divinity degree. Upon entering Seminary, I immediately noticed one day that not everyone believed what I did—most of those around me believed that women had a select few tasks they could accomplish for God, with the others left up to men. In the last three years at Seminary, I have been blessed to meet wonderful men and women who have treated me with the utmost kindness and compassion—although I differ from them on women and their tasks in the church at large. My differing view (and theirs), however, has not stopped us from becoming friends, and letting our friendships glorify God. For that and so much more, I am thankful.

It is my intention, dear CTS readership, to exercise oversight of this blog with the utmost care and concern. The subject matter discussed will still concern those things of which Byron has always been passionate about. He will still post to the blog regularly (and I expect him to!). I can’t do this all alone, and I want him to continue to challenge me as he always has. With my new contributions to the blog, however, a new subject matter will be discussed which has not—that is, the issue of women in ministry, and what Scripture has to say regarding this matter.

Often in my contributions I will go against the traditionalist view. You must understand that I grew up a traditionalist, believing what I was told about women for so long. It has taken such a growth in the Lord as well as a bold courage and greater study of Scripture to change my mind regarding God’s work for women.

All I ask is that you would pray for me, Byron, and the work done here at CTS. I pray that whatever I say or do here would glorify God, and that His people would be blessed as a result of it.

For those who desire to see more of my work than that which is posted here, please go to my blog: http://www.womeninthechurch-junia.blogspot.com

All for Him, Deidre M. Richardson

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