Tuesday, January 13, 2009

“The Fundamentals.”

Over the Christmas break I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to develop this particular part of my ministry. When an idea struck me in Church on Sunday that the best place to start is by returning to the basics. So after reviewing what this will look like I decided to do a series called “The Fundamentals.” What this series will do is to go over some of the most foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. As I project the long term use of a series like this, I began to see that this will be the launch pad for all future theological discussions. So why is it important to do a series on the basic doctrines of the Faith? In our day and age there has been confusion about what it means to be an evangelical or Christian. One of the tragedies of our time is the loss of the title Christian. Let me sustain this claim. If you were to walk into the local book store and look in the section labeled Christian, you will find books there that are any thing but Christian. So I prefer to use the word Evangelical in order to separate my self as a follow of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the Bible. It is my hope that this series will be refreshing to you.

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