Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Signifigance of Metaphysics

I want to start this post by looking at the importance of Metaphysics. First, I want to define the word. The word metaphysics, in simple terms means after or beyond physics. As one may suppose the existence of a theistic God is fundamental to Christianity. If God does not exist then there is no Christian theology. One who tries to construct a evangelical theology with out this foundation, is chasing the wind.

The significance

As stated above the belief in God is fundamental to evangelical theology. For it is in the frame work of metaphysics in which all the other doctrine of the Christian faith hang on. For example it makes no sense to speak of Gods Word if there is no God to give such a word. Nor would we have any basis for believing that the Christ that is present in the scripture was the Son of God, and the list goes on.

For me one of the reasons I find Metaphysics so important is because of morality. If there is no God or higher being then what are we to use as the standard for morality? How we are able to know what is good and evil? I think that we can all agree that in this respect metaphysics affects our daily living.

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