Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

Dear Readership,

Your writer here! It's June 1st...which means that it's time for an exciting announcement.

I am done with finals and ready to proceed in our studies of the Word of God. This past year, I tackled the Calvinism-Arminianism debate. There is still much to study regarding those two theological systems (and we will study them more in the future); however, the theological debate for the summer (one of the summer tackles) will concern "Dispensationalism vs. Covenant Theology." On an initial level, I have some books to recommend: (1) "Three Central Issues in Contemporary Dispensationalism: A Comparison of Traditional and Progressive Views" by Herbert W. Bateman IV, General Editor; (2) "Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged" by Barry E. Horner; (3) "Progressive Dispensationalism" by Darrell Bock; (4) "Understanding Dispensationalists" by Vern Poythress; (5)"Dispensationalism" by Charles Ryrie. I also recommend the work done by the Feinberg brothers on (6) "Continuity and Discontinuity" as well as (7) Robert Saucy's "The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism."

For those who, like me, love to read historical theology, I recommend a special book to you: (8) "The Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact On the Evangelical Church" by R. Todd Mangum and Mark S. Sweetnam. I own all of these eight books and will be posting on them here in the days ahead.

Since dispensationalism is often the position of the two above most attacked, I decided to start with studying it first. Having already finished one book of the eight above in my summer pursuits, I can say that I think progressive dispensationalism might be one of the most upsetting rivals to covenantal theology. To my readership, I would recommend the work of Darrell Bock in this camp and say that his work will be greatly prized here at the site. If you desire to know, I do own a work on covenantal theology that I am reading: (9) "God of Promise: Introducing Covenant Theology" by Michael Horton. I plan to do lots more reading on both dispensational and covenantal theology in the coming days.

Feel free to recommend books here and even comment on books you read if you desire to do so. Like the debate on Calvinism and Arminianism this past year, we too, will grow together as we embark on this new and exciting theological journey. May the Lord grant us grace, mercy, and wisdom as we seek to know His truth...and may the work done here at the site be to the glory of our God...

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