Friday, January 23, 2009

An Introduction to the Topic

We have all heard it said “What you believe about God is the most important thing.” In this post I want to look at the warrant for such a statement. I want to look at this statement in two ways. First way is philosophical, and second way is by looking at God’s attributes. In today’s culture God is being replaced by naturalistic assumptions. For example, in the area of morality, Atheist are saying that we do not need in order to get values. Another example is in the area of origins. I will deal with this some on this page and, other elsewhere on this site. So the question is what idea do we need to consider philosophically?

There are two areas in the Philosophical realm that I want to discuss. The First is the importance of the metaphysics, and the rational basis for theism. Both these area will be placed up against other system of beliefs about God. I want to now provide you with an out line for the next post. The next post on this topic is going to deal with the importance of metaphysics. The next post will cover the following topics.

1. The significance

2. The Definition

3. Opposing views

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