Monday, March 7, 2011

D.M. Richardson In Print

                                               Dear CTS Readership,

 It is your blogger, Deidre Richardson here, to provide some great news.

As of this past week, I am now in print in an academic journal. Several months ago, I was asked by Dr. Steve Lemke, Provost of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, to write a review essay on Dr. Ken Keathley's book, "Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach." As many of you know, Dr. Ken Keathley is a dear friend of mine as well as my mentor. He is overseeing my independent research work on theology of religions this semester...and will mentor me for the Master of Theology degree (ThM) this coming August 2011.

The journal just came out this past week (this past thursday, if I recall) and can now be found at the "Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry" link I have posted on the top right of the home page. To view the journal, click on the link on the home page, and you will come to the New Orleans page. The new journal issue is the first thing you will see (yes, it's the Spring 2010 issue that just came out). Click on the Spring 2010 issue (Baptists and the Doctrine of Salvation), and the PDF file will come up. Scroll down to see the table of contents...where you can find my article. Feel free to read the other articles and reviews there as well. I've read quite a bit of the journal and think that all writers have something good to say.

 I wanted to take time to share this wonderful news with all of you. The Lord has blessed me in numerous ways since the loss of my mother. I have struggled through many hardships (academic, financial), not to mention the grief of the loss of my mom, my best friend in all the world...but things are looking up. After two years, I can finally see the sun peaking from behind the clouds. I celebrate this with you not because I think I deserve it...but because such an achievement at 26 is credited to God's goodness and God's glory alone. I ask that you would continue to pray for me with my upcoming Master's graduation as well as my entrance into the Master of Theology degree. I have not forgotten CTS, and with God's help, I will return to my work here as soon as possible.

    JBTM 7.1 (Spring 2010)

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