Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Blogger's UpGrade: Technological "Eternal Security"

                                                 Dear Center for Theological Studies,

 It is your blogger, Deidre here. I am writing to announce that I have now upgraded my blogging life to a Macbook Pro laptop. How cool is that?

 While preparing the April 23rd post, my computer decided to get infected with viruses. I think one of the images at google images produced the virus, as something was in it. All I know is that I clicked on the image, and my old computer (a Dell) proceeded to alert me that I had viruses in my hard drive, documents, and shared documents. In short, I had 38 infections, 26 viruses...and the majority of the infections were due to spyware...two of the infections were due to having bad "cookies" software, etc. In short, it seemed as if the life of the Dell was over.

 Now...that doesn't mean I can't still use it. I am currently planning to get the Dell fixed. It has been a faithful companion of mine for 4 years, and I intend to get every last bit of my money's worth out of it. However, at the same time, I am fed up with viruses ruining my computer. To use theological terms that I discuss here at the site all the time, I wanted a little "eternal security" in regards to my software and I upgraded to an Apple Macbook Pro, one of the newest models coming from the Apple corporation. My sister happened to work for Apple a couple of years ago, so I knew what to look for. She helped me purchase a laptop for an affordable price, while hooking me up with a "Time Capsule" containing 1 Terabyte. Read that again: the capsule contains ONE TERABYTE (at least 1000 gigs if not more) of memory! How awesome is that???

 Having said all this, let me now say that I am extremely thankful I made my purchase yesterday. I am now back on the blog (the viruses on the Dell kept me away for the last few days). While I am extremely thankful for my computer, let me also give a "kudos" to Dell, Inc., for the last four years of faithfulness. I bought the Dell straight from the Dell factory, with three years of antivirus, warranty, repairs, protection of all sorts...and it did not disappoint. For those who are not quite ready to make the jump yet, buy a "Dell." "As for me and my house," we're doing the Mac thing now :-)


The Seeking Disciple said...

Love my Macs. I own four of them!

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